Common Air Conditioner Problems In Pembroke Pines

Common Air Conditioner Problems
Common Air Conditioner Problems

An air conditioning system is an extremely intricate and complicated system to serve you with an amazing pleasure of cool air and comfort within your Pembroke Pines home. Don’t think problems can’t come around because they can and they will. There are many problems that come around with your air conditioner and you need to have regular maintenance to avoid them. Here are a few common problems that could arise.

  • · Leaking Refrigerants can be a problem that comes up easily because refrigerant levels need to be balanced at all times. You will know this is your problem when you feel that the air conditioner is constantly running, however, the house doesn’t feel like it is getting colder. There usually is a leak from the refrigerants that cause this and by calling a professional technician they will be able to find the source of the leak. Once the source of the leak is found the technician can fix it, which will make your home cool and comfortable again.
  • · Frequent Cycling can occur with your air conditioner. If your air conditioner turns off and on constantly, this is costing you extra money in electricity and is not helping anyone. This is usually occurring because the system is too large for the area it is cooling. Meaning that because the air conditioner is made for bigger spaces it cools the small space quickly so it shuts off. Another cause of this problem can be that the thermostat is too close to an air conditioning vent. The thermostat believes the area is cool because it is being directly hit with cold air making it think everywhere is cold.
  • · Clogged Air Conditioner Lines can be a problem because it causes the air conditioning system to turn off. This is more common when your system didn’t work for a while because it was cool outdoors, so there is time for contaminants to collect in the lines. The clog in the lines will make it impossible for the water to go through and this will make it impossible for the home to cool off.
Those are three common problems that can come around and can be simply fixed. If you have a problem with your Pembroke Pines air conditioning system, don’t put it off. Putting off the problem only makes it worse. Get your problems fixed today!

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