How Thermostats in Air Conditioner Works

Pembroke Pines Air Conditioner

When you know how thermostats in the air conditioner work you will know when to call a provider of Pembroke Pines air conditioning services. Many people do not know when to contact a professional provider of air conditioning repair services. They wait until when their units are no longer functioning to contact a technician. This ends up costing them more in purchasing replacement parts that would have been saved by repairing the unit in advance. Although most thermostats in the air conditioners are digital, it is imperative to know how they work. This will enable you to detect whenever there is a problem in the thermostat of your air conditioner.

Thermostats switches

Thermostats in older air conditioners were controlled using mercury switches. These were turned on by tipping over electric switches. Mercury switches comprises of a small tube made of glass. It has mercury bead and electrical contacts inside. The end of the coil would expand up to a point where it would bump into the mercury switch to turn it over. Thus, the switch could turn the air conditioning unit on cooling the indoor environment where it is installed. After cooling the indoor environment, the coil would shrink and eventually move from the unit switch tuning the air conditioner off. Movement of the coil was enhanced by a lever that adjusted temperature and a mercury switch that used to be mounted at the coil’s end. The tip of the coil would turn this switch on and off by moving towards it or away from it. There are also air conditioners that have bimetallic coils in the thermostats. The coil comprises of two metal strips that are attached to each other. These strips have different rates of expansion and contraction. Change in temperature causes the strips to contract and expand at different rates regulating room temperatures. Modern air conditioners come with different thermostats. They work differently from those of older air conditioners.

Working of thermostats in modern air conditioners

Modern air conditioners have digital thermostats. Digital thermostats have current that runs through an electrical element that is known as a thermistor. This element resists electricity flow in proportion to temperature. When temperature inside is hotter, resistant of the thermistor increases. Calculation of the temperature by a modern thermostat is done using electric resistance. After calculation, the results are compared with temperature set by the user. The system turns off automatically when thermistor temperature is hotter than what the user has set as the air conditioner temperature. There are also window air conditioning units that regulate temperature of the air that is flowing into a house. Although they are not real thermostats, people call them thermostats. They have a switch system that regulates the speed of the fan. This system comprises of resistors at different positions. When turned on, there is little resistance which allows full flow of electricity via the fun. When in a low or middle position, there is more resistance in the circuit reducing the amount of electricity that is flowing to the fan. With this information, you can easily know when is the right time to contact a provider of Pembroke Pines air conditioning services when you notice some problems in the working of the thermostat of your Ac unit.

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