Top 4 Reasons Why You Should Choose Ducted Air Conditioning Systems

Air conditioning systems come at different prices depending on their scale and ratings. As a new homeowner or one looking to upgrade your air conditioning system, you may want to know the benefits you can reap from ducted air conditioning (AC) systems. Because of the different makes and models of AC systems, you may find it a little difficult to pick the right unit for your home.

Instead of delaying your decision until the hot and sticky days of summer catch up with you, below are some of the beneficial features that come with ducted AC units.

Understanding Ducted AC Systems

Before you even look at the benefits of these systems, it is important you understand their mechanism. Basically, ducted AC systems consist of a central fan coil normally hidden in your roof and which is connected through a network of ducts to each of the rooms in your home. with this setup, you can cool your home and even set different temperatures at the same time in the rooms based on need. The beauty with these systems is that you can install them in new homes or use them as replacements in existing homes.

The Benefits of Ducted AC Units

The following are the main benefits to look forward to when investing in ducted air conditioning systems.

Zoning and Control – This is a unique advantage of ducted AC units. With zoning, you can cool your entire house as you control individual temperatures for each of the rooms served by the duct system. For instance, if you are not using one room, you can turn off the AC for that particular zone to save on power. The versatility that come with zoning ensures each area has the perfect temperature.

Efficiency and Cost Effective – Even though ducted AC systems are quite costly to install; the cost can be offset by more efficient cooling and relatively lower electricity bills over the life of the system. Being a single system, ducted AC units reduce the amount of redundancy, giving you a comfortable home without spending much in energy costs. The fact that you can zone these systems means that you only cool the rooms you need to at the appropriate temperatures.

Quiet Operation – Compared to wall and window AC units, ducted AC systems are silent in operation which means you can catch some quality sleep or have a meaningful conversation while still being cooled by the unit.

Last but not least, ducted AC units enhance your home’s aesthetics because the units are installed away in the ceiling making them invisible in the common spaces around your home. This allows you to have a minimalist interior design and still have a quality AC cooling your home.



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