Top Reasons Why Fall is the Season to Replace Your HVAC System

HVAC repairmanFollowing a long and sweltering summer, most homeowners welcome fall as a relief when they would turn off their AC systems and wait until spring when they start them again. The fall season therefore gives homeowners an opportunity to have their systems checked out before they put them away for the winter. If your system has been giving you problems because it’s old, you may want to have it replaced for a more efficient one. Research shows that AC replacements done in fall yield much better outcomes than those which are done in the heat of summer or in spring. Below are 4 reasons why fall is the best time to replace your system.

Saves You Money

Fall gives you a good opportunity to spend time in research for the best type of equipment instead of just replicating the system you had before. At the same time, this season gives you enough time to look for the best contractor who will help you install your system. Since fall lies between the heating and cooling season, most contractors are much more available and willing to spend time at your home trying to figure out solutions to your cooling problems.

You Get What You Exactly Want

Having enough time to shop around for the best AC system, chances are you will come across latest technologies in AC systems that will suit your home. There is so much that has changed in the AC world ever since you installed your old system. You will probably come across improvements in comfort, reduction in energy costs and many other options available today which were not there 15 or 20 years ago. Without much compromise, you can get a system that gives you superior nighttime comfort, humidity reductions, and quiet operation.

Your System can be Thoroughly Checked

If you have a heat pump that also works as an AC, fall is the best time to have it thoroughly inspected before using it for heating in winter. Most systems may look okay until you receive your energy bills and realize all is not well. Instead of paying high bills due to the use of auxiliary resistance heaters, it’s important that you use this period to your system checked and where necessary replaced so that you avoid the nightmare of high power bills and breakdown in winter.

Comprehensive Home Energy Assessment

Fall is the best times to have contractors do a complete audit of your home energy requirements and status. While replacing your AC may still be important, a home energy assessment will give you the exact picture of what your new energy needs are by doing airflow calculations and load calculations. By sealing the home energy lose points such as insulating the attic and working on your ductwork, you may just as well decide to invest in a much smaller AC system than earlier thought.

Instead of rushing to replace your AC system during summer or at the onset of spring where the push to have your home cooled is higher, the best time to look at this is in fall.

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